Glove Break In Service: Ever get a brand new baseball or softball glove and dread the weeks of stiff, awkward catching? Glove break-in services take the hassle out of that process, shaping and softening your glove for a quicker transition to game day. These services typically get your glove to around 70% game-ready, meaning it will be significantly more comfortable and easier to use while still allowing for some personalization through your own playing. The final break in process will come from playing catch and home care. 

Synthetic Materials / Leather Outer Shell - $45.00

Hyde Gloves - $65.00

Catchers Mitts - $75.00


Glove Relacing and Refurbish: Is your favorite glove looking a little worse for wear? Don't toss it aside just yet! Baseball and softball glove cleaning, palm pad replacement and relacing services can bring your trusty mitt back to life, offering both functionality and a chance to personalize your style. 

Cleaning and Relacing - $100.00

Add Palm Padding - $55.00

Cleaning and Relacing + Add Palm Padding $145.00


Composite Bat Rolling: Pro bat rolling is a process that uses heat and compression to simulate the break-in period of a new composite bat.

If you're looking for a way to improve your bat's performance and shorten the break-in time, pro rolling is the way to go. 

Pro Bat Rolling: $80.00


Bat Grip Replacement: Is your old baseball bat grip letting you down? Do you have the same bat as other players on your team? A worn or slick grip can wreak havoc on your swing, leading to mishits, stinging vibrations, and even potential injury.  Don't let a faulty grip hold you back at the plate. Replacing your bat grip is a simple and affordable way to set your bat apart, enhancing both your performance and your appearance. 

Replace Grip $47.00


Get Your Cleats and Shoes Game-Ready with Our Cleaning Service

We'll take care of all the dirt and grime, so you can focus on your performance. Our professional cleaning service will have your kicks looking fresh and ready to dominate the field. We offer a variety of lace colors to let you customize your look.

Why choose our cleat and shoe cleaning service?

Get your cleats and shoes game-ready today!

Cleaning: $30.00

Relace: $25.00 includes laces